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Welcome to the site dedicated to Riccardo Fogli, the Italian interpreter and songwriter of great emotions!

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22.08.2010 Updated News, Biography, Books & Videos, Compilations, Single releases and Links.
17.10.2007 Updated compilations page and news about Riccardo's birthday!! A correction on Books & Videos.
03.01.2007 A new compilation by Sony BMG. Hey, we fans want the 'Compagnia' album on CD, not one of those useless compilations again! -- See the Zan zan single sleeve.
06.11.2006 I had to remove the feedback form because of all the spam I was receiving through it. But now there are links to Riccardo's YouTube videos on Books & Videos!
10.10.2006 Links updated
12.09.2006 Added Japanese CD versions of "Riccardo Fogli" and "Il sole l'aria la luce il cielo" on Albums 1973-79.
24.08.2006 News updated
24.07.2006 Links updated
18.07.2006 Updated guest appearances and compilation albums.
08.05.2006 News about a compilation release. I've added a feedback form at the bottom of this page!
05.04.2006 A few more links
29.03.2006 This site now has its own domain, www.riccardofogli.info!
27.03.2006 Added Riccardo's very first solo single Zan zan to the Singles section. Also updates on Guest appearances.
18.01.2006 Links and picture gallery updated
06.12.2005 News, Albums 2000->, Guest appearances updated
11.10.2005 There are now two new sections, 'Albums 2000->' and 'Books & Videos'! Take a look!
07.10.2005 News about the new album, and some more links
18.07.2005 See news! More compilation and single releases

19.09.2004 Compilation albums page is now ready!
18.09.2004 More album and single releases listed
18.06.2004 More news!
18.11.1997 This was the first day when an early version of my Riccardo Fogli site appeared, under the Geocities free home page.

This is an unofficial fan site and not endorsed by Riccardo Fogli. If you notice information which is incorrect or inaccurate, please tell me - I'm aiming to make this site as complete as possible.

Thank you for everyone who has helped me to compile this site!

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