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This section is about any books or videos (VHS, DVD) released about Riccardo Fogli. At the moment there are really few of them! In fact, there are no official video releases at all, as far as I know. Let's hope that this injustice will be corrected in the future, as there are tons of great TV and concert performances of Riccardo!

If you know something interesting, please tell me!


FOGLI di vita e di musica
Fabrizio Marcheselli, Sabrina Panti, 7.7.2010, Pendragon. ISBN 978-88-8342-861-6

An authorized biography, including interviews with Riccardo. More information on the Pendragon website.

CD+Libro - Frammenti di vita raccolti, tagliati e ricomposti da LEANDRO BARSOTTI
Leandro Barsotti, 2008, MusicBOOK.

Small book, sold as a package with a CD including songs from the Storie di tutti i giorni live release.

Pooh - Quello che non sai
Franco Dassisti, 1997, Mondadori. ISBN 88-04-42454-0

A biography of Riccardo's former group. Concentrates on the four members of today, but the early years story is about Riccardo too. 282 pages.

Riccardo Fogli
Nadia Arduini, 1989, Forte Editore. ISBN?

A light biography of 32 pages and some photographs.



Elio e le Storie Tese - The Lugano Tapes (VHS, 2000)

1. Out Into The Daylight
2. Medley (Balla Coi Barlafüs (Time Warp) / Help Me / L'Astronauta Pasticcione / Tonza Patonza / Urna / September / Buona Giornata / Mork & Mindy / Ùnanimi / Sing A Song)
3. Disco Music
4. Uomini Col Borsello (con Riccardo Fogli e Skardy)
5. Il Signor Speziale
6. Farmacista
7. Il Rock And Roll
8. Medley acustico (La Canzone Dell'Amore / El Sciur Francesco / Abbecedario / Presidance / Settore Giovanile Targato Travagliato / La Terra Dei Cachi / Arriva Elio)
9. Broken Hearts Are For Assholes (con Ike Willis)
10. Why Does It Hurt When I Pee (con Ike Willis)
11. You Are What You Is (con Ike Willis)
12. First Me, Second Me (con Ike Willis)

Sanremo 85 Live (VHS)

This videotape is probably an official release of the final evening of the 1985 Sanremo festival at the Ariston theatre.

Riccardo Fogli is featured, but do you know a complete listing of all the performances on this tape?

YouTube videos

There are a number of videos on YouTube, but as they get deleted often and new ones come along, I decided not to show direct links here. When you just search for "Riccardo Fogli", you'll come up with a number of lovely videos from different phases of his career!

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